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We named it POPCORN not only because of its similarity in shape, but because of the unpredictable conformation it’s evolving into. Like a popcorn growing out of an even more simple structure, the POPCORN ear studs looks as they are in an ever changing state of growth, but you have been able to somehow freeze and capture this transformation a pair of ear studs.

As in all our pieces we work only with high quality, handmade and detailed craftsmanship.

The POPCORN ear studs are made with a matte silver finish, roughly polished. They’re made of massive 925 Sterling Silver and please note that due to their size it’s a relatively heavy pair of ear studs. POPCORN has a by danish law certified LULU stamp and a 925 Sterling Silver mark as well.

Price per pair


  • Diameter: 8 mm

  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • Weight, approx.: 2,3 grams each

  • Matte surface

  • We reserves the right to change the prices and details at any time and we’re not responsible for any typo errors

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