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Fall in Love with your ears.

LOVE is a large ear stud and a big statement about believing in love. LOVE is also an example of how we believe in high quality minimalistic design.

We believe good design is both extremely simple in it's story telling and yet playful. When designing a version of an icon jewelry such as a heart we remove details and remove more details and then we remove even more until we end up with the simplest shape telling the story in the simplest way.

Hearts are clichés in the world of jewels and they are often bubbly rounded with polished surfaces creating highlight reflections. When this being the norm we worked to find out how to keep these reflections but in a simple, flat and sharp graphical shape.

That's when we came up with doing cutouts in the shape of highlights and by this using the background surface as the reflection effect. True LOVE was born.

At the same time they are cute because of the symbol and impossible not to notice because of the large flat surface.

The LOVE ear studs is a classic romantic and cute piece of jewelry which will fit most hairstyles and clothes and works for both going out and everyday work, just as you can wear them both with or without make-up. The LOVE ear studs sends a romantic signal and is ideal for a date night or maybe even for a romantic gift to your loved one.

As in all our pieces we work only with high quality, handmade and detailed craftsmanship. LOVE has a by danish law certified LULU stamp and a 925 Sterling Silver mark as well. The matte gold plated version is made of 18 Carat gold plating with a 2,5 high micron level. 

LOVE is also available as a necklace.

Price per pair


  • Width: 18 mm

  • Height: 15 mm

  • Thickness: 1 mm

  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • Matte surface

  • Also available in ruthenium and gold plated

  • Note that images shown on this page may be with other finishes

  • It’s important to remember that gold - and ruthenium platings always fades away in time and by use. Please carefully read and follow our maintenance guide which comes along with your jewelry purchase or visit lulucopenhagen.com to read more

  • We reserves the right to change the prices and details at any time and we’re not responsible for any typo errors

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