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There’s nothing as amazing as looking at ice crystals unfold their great beauty thru a microscope. The SNOWFLAKES ear studs is our simplified interpretation of these wonders of nature and act as reminders of that calm feeling of snow falling slowly from the sky and turning the city and the countryside into one giant playground for snowmen, snow fights and skiing.

You can wear these small ear studs either as singles, pairs or mix big and small. You can even mix between the finish and create a diverse look, just as nature in its perfect imperfection.

As in all our pieces we work only with high quality, handmade and detailed craftsmanship. The SNOWFLAKES ear studs has a by danish law certified LULU stamp and a 925 Sterling Silver mark as well, and comes in a shiny silver version and a shiny gold plated version of 18 Carat gold plating with a high micron level. They are available in two different sizes and it’s possible to mix both size and finish.

Price per piece


  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • 18 Carat gold plating, 2 micron

  • Shiny surface

  • Also available in gold plated and ruthenium

  • Diameter Small: 3 mm

  • Thickness: 1,5 mm

  • It’s important to remember that gold - and ruthenium platings always fades away in time and by use. Please carefully read and follow our maintenance guide which comes along with your jewelry purchase or visit lulucopenhagen.com to read more

  • We reserves the right to change the prices and details at any time and we’re not responsible for any typo errors

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