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550,00 kr

Fri fragt fra 299 kr.


There’s something fun about roads that leads to nowhere. People putting up signs pointing towards these roads that leads you absolutely nowhere. But maybe there is an intention behind? Maybe you just have to look a little closer to find something interesting hidden there ... maybe the interesting is just in front of you?

The two arrows of the Cul-de-Sac ring looks like they point towards each other, but if you think about it, they actually highlight something right between them .... You!

As in all our pieces we work only with high quality, handmade and detailed craftsmanship. The Cul-de-Sac ring has a by danish law certified LULU stamp and a 925 Sterling Silver mark as well and has a matte silver look. It is available in two different sizes for you to adjust to fit perfectly on your preferred finger.


  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • Adjustable size US 7-9 EU (54-59)

  • Matte surface

  • Width: 2 mm/5 mm

  • We reserves the right to change the prices and details at any time and we’re not responsible for any typo errors

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