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We believe great design always starts with an interesting idea, and we believe good design is true to both it’s use of materials and it’s surroundings. We also believe good design only exists due to high quality craftsmanship, a high level of detail, the best materials and to everything around it, from packaging to customer service. 

All of our designs are build upon an idea - these ideas and stories are great conversation starters and it is our experience from working with both small fashion boutiques, jewellery stores, onlineshops and highstreet department stores that customers are very much interested in hearing about these design stories. 

We are well aware that the retail business today consists of as many types of concepts as there are retailers and that's why we doesn't look at our retailers as customers, but as partners. Depending on your customers, the location of your shop and other brands in your stock we will have to find the best and most suitable collection for you. This is where we will team up in a close relationship, because it is in our common interest to create the best possible conditions for your store and for the brand. This is also the reason why we don't work with a minimum start-up and no fixed packages, and the reason why our collection is so diverse as it is. We also provide a huge range of different display designs for both window displaying, counters, in-store placements and special build solutions. 

Don't hesitate to contact us or one of our agents if you want to know more about the company, our business solutions or if you are interested in becoming a LULU retail partner. 



Here are some examples of some of our shop displays. Some of them are our standard displays and concepts, but we also support with special build displays and installations depending on the task and venue.

Collection of Special build displays.

Standard Ear Candy display.

A range of the LULU concept 'Jewelry 2 Go' which consists of pre-packed gift-boxes.

Special build In-montre display installation.

Display on request for displaying a range of styles.

One of the 'Stairs' displays special build for smaller jewelry.

Large 'Paint-drop' display special build for News selection.

Selection of small special build display bricks.

'Layers of color' installation piece for displaying large selection of jewelry.

Base surface with neutral design for displaying larger pieces.

Standard jewelry box 'grey'.

Example of 'Bricks' display with 'Single Ear stud' squares.

Special version of the 'Candy Shop' display system.



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