We’re not there yet, but we are heading in the right direction. We believe in an active CSR strategy to take part of both big and smaller company decisions. We believe not only that future customers will demand this, we also believe that actively working on being good and doing good is an important part of our success.

Our mission is to make the world a more beautiful place. This is the theory behind our products from the design process to packaging and marketing but this belief also forces us internally to work on how to add beauty to the world around us. And we need to treat our surroundings - both social, urban and environmental - as best as possible. This is why we strive to be good, because good generates more good. Or defined with a simple equation: Good+Good=Better. 

We also recognize that it’s a constant journey to travel, meaning that we can always do better:

  • We need better documentation on our use of raw materials, even though it’s practically impossible to trace all back to its origin.
  • We can work even harder on turning even more of our freight, postal and parcel shipping green.
  • We can demand even more of our packaging and wrappings into ecological, biodynamic, recycled or other eco-friendly materials and production techniques to become even cleaner and more eco-friendly.

But we also think we’re partially there:

  • We use ecological cotton for our jewelry dust bags.
  • We ship parts of our oversea freight thru green shipping companies who works for bringing down unnecessary emissions.
  • We use eco-friendly recycled paper for our paper bags and carton jewelry boxes.
  • We use eco-friendly recycled paper for our parcel documentation and other inhouse paperwork.
  • We use certified diamonds to ensure no blood diamonds. 
  • When shipping with the danish national postal company 'Post Danmark' we ship Co2 neutral when the option is offered.
  • We are working closely together with Force Technology who are representing the Danish National Assay Office to ensure the pureness of the silver, gold and ruthenium used in our products.
  • We focus on good relationships and professional collaborative environments with all our partners around the world with a high focus on local work climate, standards, laws and regulations.
  • Our Mission branding strategy is about Beautifying the world which adds Good to the local society.
  • The LB monogram stamp that appears on some of our jewelry is our visual guarantee for both high quality and the above/below.
  • So are the certified 'LULU' stamp that by law is present on all our pieces.
  • The Sterling Silver 925 stamp is a certification stamp provided by our manufactures for guarantees of genuine materials.
  • We create with a long last in mind - both in timeless design and high quality materials and finish. This is because we don't believe in short lasting fashion trends that you'll only wear one season.
  • Our web servers (except our 3rd party web shop) run on wind powered turbines, meaning that the energy spent on your visit there is 100 % renewable.

You can read much more about our company strategies here.