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The pendants from the LULU NECKLACE HEAVEN consist of quirky and playful designs. They are all created from a positive outlook on life where enjoyment and unpretentiousness are key. We recommend a statement pendant if you need a gift for a special person.

The CONFETTI collection is a kind reminder that there is always - always - something to celebrate in life. A real LULU way of thinking!

So let's throw some CONFETTI and see what happens.

CONFETTI has a by danish law certified LULU stamp and a 925 Sterling Silver mark as well.

Please notice that we carry 2 sizes of beautiful and simple necklaces if you would like to add one to your CONFETTI pendant.

The necklace does not follow the pendant unless you put in in your basket before check out.

The pendant is sold individually.

Height: 7mm

Surface: Light pink enamel

Material: Gold plated sterling silver

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