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Double Color Ringsilver - Silver/Light Pink


Our Double Color Ring has expanded with a new and shiny variant. Double Color Ring silver has an exclusive look that combines beautiful metal with a gorgeous layer of enamel. One half of the ring is hand-painted in the most beautiful enamel color, which provides a beautiful contrast to the polished silver. Combine it with all your favorite rings from LULU or your jewellery box. Mix and match with both beautiful colors and sparkling metals.

Our Double Color Rings are painted by hand.

Thickness: 2,5 mm - 3,5 mm

Materials: Sterling silver, 50% recycle material, enamel

Jewelry from LULU Copenhagen is always nickel-free.

Please notice, that our enamel colors are mixed by hand, which can create a slightly variation in the individual production. At the same time, the screen resolution and color settings on a digital device can cause the colors in the pictures to appear different from the actual colors used.

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