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The LUCKY ear studs is a simplified shape of a horseshoe that elegantly reminds you of believing in your luck, whenever you see yourself in the mirror or touches your ears during the day.

In some parts of the world the horseshoe is hung with the ends pointing upwards to contain the luck, where in other places it’s believed that the ends must point downwards to spread the luck around. The design is made so you can wear the LUCKY ear studs as a talisman either way you feel like or simply just because you like the design.

As in all our pieces we work only with high quality, handmade and detailed craftsmanship.

The Lucky ear studs comes in three versions - matte sterling silver, matte ruthenium plated and in a matte gold plated version of 18 Carat gold plating with a high micron level.

Price per pair


  • Total length: 15 mm

  • Width: 7 mm

  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • Matte surface

  • Also available in gold plated and ruthenium

  • It’s important to remember that gold - and ruthenium platings always fades away in time and by use. Please carefully read and follow our maintenance guide which comes along with your jewelry purchase or visit to read more

  • We reserves the right to change the prices and details at any time and we’re not responsible for any typo errors

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