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Summer news and gold

See the many great new products for spring & summer. Meet our new series Heart Mom, Color Heart and the wild Wild Horses. There are also new Color Bangles, a glass of Rosé and a new flower series called Anemone. And we've also collected a lot of great things in gold.


The opportunity to choose

The reason we sell our earrings individually is that we want to give our customers the opportunity to buy just one earring instead of pairs. Many people love to mix and match and have several kinds to choose from, so we don't want to sell in pairs and force people to buy more than they need.

LULU Copenhagen

LULU Copenhagen is a Danish designer jewelry brand based in Copenhagen. We design with a goal to create simple, colorful and playful jewelry at an accessible price point. Through our universe, we dream of inspiring people to get the most, best and most fun out of life.

Working with 925 sterling silver, brass, 18 karat gold plating and lots of stones, pearls and enamel colors, you can find LULU jewelry at more than 400 retailers around Europe.

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