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One ear stud at a time

We sell our ear studs one at a time instead of in pairs. We believe it is better to give you the chance to mix the Candy Shop pieces with the ear studs and hoops that you already own. You can also choose to create your own combinations from our ever growing collection.

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It all began back in 2016

Back in 2016 we had a lot of conversations about why you are always forced to buy earrings in pairs. Who has decided that earrings should be worn symmetrically? What if you want two or three different ones or just one ear stud in one ear?

We decided to try designing based on this new idea. The earpieces had to be able to function individually. They should be able to be combined with each other but also with the jewelry you already own. The prices had to be low enough to allow you to afford to buy two at a time. And finally we should be able to expand with lots of new styles for many years to come.

The Candy Shop was born

With these dogmas in mind we quickly had lots of design proposals, and when looking at the drawings we had the feeling of being inside a Candy Store.
LULU's Candy Shop was born and we launched it in early 2017 and have since expanded with lots of new and playful designs and combinations.

Today, LULU's Candyshop is one of the concepts we are most known for and our customers are returning to shop new styles for their collection.

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The 'Less Is Enough' philosophy

We call the whole philosophy behind selling one ear stud at a time "Less Is Enough", and you can read much more about it here.

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Pre-packed in Jewelry boxes

All pieces in LULU's Candy Shop are pre-packed in small jewelry boxes which can be used to carry and keep them in after purchase. Each box has its own sleeve that tells which style is inside.

It's hard to choose

Today we have more than 250 styles in our Candy Shop concept.

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