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e work with 925 Sterling silver either gold plated or as pure silver or with a ruthenium plating. It’s important to notice that the general wear and tear causes a certain lifespan in relation to both the gold and the ruthenium platings. This is normal and not a reason to complain.

It is not possible to predict how long the plating will last – it is determined by various factors; pH of your skin, exposure to chemicals (perfume, hair spray, nail polish, soap etc.), grease, high temperatures, amount of sweat and general use. You can always go to your local goldsmith and get your jewelry re-plated. Fortunately there are many ways by which you can prolong the life of your jewelry by following a few tips:

We strongly recommend you to take off the ring if you need to work with hard objects such as tools or if you lift objects with hard surfaces.

Take off your jewelry when bathing and swimming but also when you wash your hands and applies lotion.

Use a soft cloth often to wipe off grease and dirt in order to keep your jewelry clean and shining – with a drop of water, if necessary.

We recommend silver cleaner - but only for the non-plated jewelry.

Take off your jewelry before cleaning. Chlorine bleach is very harmful - like other chemicals in general. Perfume included.

Take off your jewelry while exercising.

Avoid placing your jewelry in direct sunlight or in places with high humidity such as bathrooms.

When not wearing your jewelry keep it in the zip bag inside the jewelry box.

Keep your jewelry on when making love.

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