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Natural Stone Chain 1 pcsLight Green


Note that this earring is sold separately and not as a pair.

NATURAL STONE CHAIN is a classic ear piece from LULU Copenhagen. All the stones originate from nature and are thousands of years old.

NATURAL STONE CHAIN comes in 2 stone variants: malachite (green), rose quartz

Length: 4cm - Stone diameter: 4mm

Surface: Shiny

Material: Sterling Silver

Jewelry from LULU Copenhagen is always nickel-free.

We select natural stones and freshwater pearls with great care. However, still based on the premise that natural materials will vary in shape and color. We love the idea that not two stones are exactly alike. If you choose to buy a set, we will always try to make a nice match.

Our imagery is indicative as 2 stones will never be exactly the same.

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